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    Zzinet News
    TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2007
    Welcome to the Chinese Studies Center For Overseas Students
    Alex Wang

    Welcome to the Chinese Studies Center For Overseas Students

    The mission of the Chinese Studies Center for Overseas Students at the School of Foreign Languages at Southwest Jiaotong University is to provide quality language instruction and cultural orientation to students who need Chinese for their academic, professional, and personal needs. Whatever the student's educational goals or time constraints are, the center offers a class to meet his or her needs.

    Program Overview

    1. Academic Year Program:

  • 17-week program for foreign students with any level of Chinese
  • Language training courses with a focus on Chinese characters (Hanzi), speaking, listening and comprehensive reading (20 class hours per week)
  • Diverse range of cultural information and orientation
  • Informative lectures on many aspects of Chinese culture: painting, calligraphy, Sichuan opera, Chinese folk music, etc.
  • Rich social activities to complement the coursework which immerse students in real world situations (real language for the real China)

    Total Fees:
    Registration: RMB 500 (first-time applicants only)
    Tuition: RMB 6500 for one semester (17 weeks)

    2. Short-Term Programs:

  • One-month program and two-month program
  • Language training courses specialized in speaking, listening and comprehensive reading
  • Program components: per week, 14 hours of in-class language training courses, 8 hours of situational language practice and 3 hours of informative lectures
  • Diverse range of cultural information and orientation
  • Rich social activities to immerse students in real-life situations

    Total Fees:
    Registration: RMB 200
    Tuition: RMB 2500 per month

    3. One-to-One Program:

  • Method:one teacher to one student, so as to more easily meet the student's individual needs
  • Textbooks:selected according to student's ability level
  • Class times:co-arranged by both students and teachers
  • Tuition: based on the time and intensity of the class
  • Enrollment: prospective students may enroll at anytime

    4.Summer Program:

  • 4-week program for foreign students with different levels of Chinese
  • No more than 10 students per class
  • Program components: 14 hours in-class language training courses, 8 hours situational language practice, and 3 hours lectures per week as well as diverse social activities
  • Core courses: speaking, listening and comprehensive reading
  • Six optional cultural sightseeing tours in and around Chengdu

    Total Fees:
    Registration: RMB 200 (=$26)
    Tuition: RMB 2500 (=$327)
    Accommodation: RMB 800 (=$105)
    Travel expenses within Sichuan: RMB 1000 (=$130)

    Placement, Testing and Evaluation
    Placement into the appropriate level of study is made through listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing tests. At the end of every semester, promotion to the next level of language learning is based on a combination of factors, including quizzes, tests and teachers'evaluation.

    Experienced, expert instructors provide direction, support and individual attention in classes of only 5-10 students. They use a variety of teaching methods and up-to-date technology to guide students toward both fluency and accuracy in Chinese.

    The center offers different types of accommodation to suit students. They can find housing in University-operated facilities on campus or in privately owned apartments on and near the campus.

  • Foreign students'dormitory:
    RMB 800 per month (Electricity fee is not included)
    Furnished room with hot water£Ĵan air-conditioner and Internet access
    Public kitchen and washing machine are offered in the building.
  • Rates of the privately owned apartments on or near the campus range from RMB 600-1200 per month depending on apartment size and location.

    About SWJTU
    Southwest Jiaotong University is in the top rank of China's comprehensive universities.

  • Originally the Imperial Chinese Railway College, it was founded in 1896 at Shanhaiguan.
  • Enrolls over 20,000 students per year
  • Composed of 13 schools offering a complete range of majors and disciplines including Engineering, Economics, Computing, Management, Law & Arts and Humanities. It has 32 postgraduate programs, 55 master programs, 24 doctoral programs, 6 postdoctoral points and 6 key disciplines
  • Has exchange relationships with more than 30 universities and research institutions. There are international students from over 20 countries and regions of the world coming to SWJTU to study.
  • Situated on three campuses in China's vibrant southwest

    About Chengdu
    A cosmopolitan community of friendly residents, Chengdu has something for everyone. Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan well known as the "Kingdom of Heaven", is the cultural and commercial center of southwest China. Here Taoist, Confucian and Buddhist cultures exist harmoniously.

  • Best Tourist City in China (Chinese National Tourism Administration and the UN World Tourism Organization, 2006 )
  • Five UNESCO World Natural & Cultural Heritage Sites are located within Sichuan: Jiuzhaigou Scenic Valley, Huanglong Scenic Area, Mt.Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha, Panda Habitat, Mt. Qingcheng and the Dujiangyan Ancient Irrigation System.
  • Close access to abundant natural beauty and a dynamic, cultural arts and recreational community
  • Pleasant weather and living conditions

    For more information please contact:
    Ms. Li Hao, Director of the Chinese Studies Center
    Email: hanyucenter@163.com
    Ms. Wang Hailing
    Tel: 13980590799
    Address: School of Foreign Languages
    Southwest Jiaotong University
    Chengdu, 610031
    Sichuan P.R. China

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