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    Comfort Shoe Product

    Do you want quickly develop, deploy and manage MERCHANT applications on the Internet or Intranet? And you want it portable and secure and scaleable? Do you want easier, much easier?

    B2B (Business-to-Business), ASP (Application Services) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) are the bizzwords today. Tomorrow, other phrases might be coined to describe a problem of serious e-Business on the Internet. We believe China is The Best Choice for American People. This is why we provide this total B2B solution that give you the most business opportunities in China and USA. Transaction is virtual transparent, this is why you choose The Best USA for building winning business solutions on the Internet (or Intranet).

    What's New and why you want us?

  • Zen Tech
    ZenTech Holding Group is partner with to provide one stop import/export trade services between China and USA.
    MOFTEC Announces List of Best Brands of Export Commodities to Be Given Special Support (58 brands in 9 categories). St.EDENWEISS is one of those brand names. ST. Edenweiss ( • —© »ř) is on Shenzhen A shares as 000982.

    Who we are and why is the Best USA?

    Yearly and every moment we are growing with Internet, We at The Best USA as engineers and strive to help YOU build and deploy e-Business solutions on the Internet in less time and be ahead of your competition. We are not like Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, try to lead the Internet. We only do the same thing in other way.

  • We help solving the same problems with less headaches, time and money.
  • We truly design to do distributed e-Business as 1-2-3.
  • It is not fully object-oriented, not necessary in high-science sense.
  • It is agent-based Internet e-Business
  • We carefully select The Best Products in the world

    which is even better. Why? Because all your problems get down to one model: find who are the players in your problem and give them life, let them be your agents on the Internet. Let them talk, exchange information between themselves, talk to your legacy and your new applications. Let them talk to each other, you and your customers and partners - simple Internet function will do.

    This small introduction won't do justice to The Best USA. It is back to square one. The current house of e-Business is crowded, and is ready for major overhaul. But don't get hurrying away! Your current websites will work with The Best USA. We are talking about the glue that is connecting them and most of all added-value, new services. How much effort will they cost you? Will you expand easily when you need to? Does it scale up?

    What is our mission?

    We hope to work with you. We invite you to try The Best USA, and see that your Internet presentation is bigger now than before. Not to mention that The Best USA is available for all major business. Some of them may not be list now. We'd like to help you solve B2B, ASP and EAI problems easier and relax a bit. If you'd like to try The Best USA, let us know. We are far off from mainstream, but in this case, to your advantage. And not for long, we're sure.

    Note: In The Best USA terminology, MERCHANT are agent too! This is not strictly limited, Keep in mind we refer to the same thing here!

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  • Red Carpet Inn
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  • Vitalabs Asia, L.L.C.
  • Ben Cao Product
  • Texas Energy & Power
  • Global Orthopaedics
  • American Medicine Company
  • The North American Brain Tumor Consortium
  • Harris County Hospital District
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