Do you want to cut the cost of your fuel? Do you want more power, more MPG, and a cleaner more responsive engine? CLEARAIR Plus™ has been proven by major governments, and the World's leading test authorities, to give cheaper, cleaner motoring. Compare our independent tests with others, if they have any, and join the many thousands of users who continue to enjoy the benefits of this Patented technology for over a decade.


CLEARAIR Plus™ is a Patented device that can be fitted to ANY petrol or diesel engine in about 30 minutes. It is 100% reliable, affordable, it has no moving parts, is maintenance free and warranted for 150,000 miles.











The ClearAir Plus Unit

n          Carries California Air Board certification: C.A.R.B. EO# D-530

w       CARB is the most respected air quality authority in the world.

w       Their relationship with the EPA gives our product the status of certified to EPA standards.

w       The EO number exempts us from the Federal Anti-tampering Law.

n          Carries NATO Codification for Military Use

n          Reduces CO2 emissions between 14% - 70% on average

n          Reduces NOx gases between 18% - 22% on average

n          Reduces Hydrocarbons between 36% - 51% on average

Additional Advantages

• Automatically effective 100% of the time.
• Easier engine starts (especially in cold weather).
• More reliable, more responsive engine.
• Warranted for 150,000 miles.
• Maintenance free (fit it and forget it)
• Quick pay-back (from fuel savings)