Texas CEOs' in the world.
Alex Wang

Seminar: Texas CEOs in the World: How to Do Business in China

Texas Economic Development (TxED), Austin-China Sister Cities Committee and USDOC/Austin Export Assistance Center sponsored a seminar: Texas CEOs in the World: How to Do Business in China on Friday, November 2, 2001 in the Capitol, Austin.

Mayor of San Macros David Chiu made the welcoming remarks.

Experts in China Business issues were invited as the key speakers. They included

Mr. Yang Jixiao and Mr. Li Jianbin, Economic & Commercial Consul and Vice Consul, the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Houston introduced Chinese foreign policies, economic statistics, prospective areas and industries and WTO impact.

Mr. Kurt Veggeberg, Business Development Manager, National Instruments (NI), speaks Chinese, Japanese, French as well as English. He shared NI's strategies to be profitable in China with Texas companies. NI currently has direct offices in over 35 countries. They currently have three offices in China.

Mr. Sam Chen, President, Pasco Management Co, President of Austin-Xishuangbanna, (China), Sister Cities Committee, shared his successful experience and suggested eight key points when doing business in China. He was a financial consultant with El Paso Energy Company. He visited China to conduct Economic Summit with Mayor Kirk Watson, TxED and other Texas companies. He established the "Texas House" to promote Texas culture in World Exposition in Hunan, China since 1999. He also manages his Austin Sixth Street Restaurant for Texas BBQ in China

Taxed announced two coming events: Mission to China in May, 2002; Business & Industry USA 2002 Catalog exhibition in Singapore; Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, Australia; Hanoi, and Ho Chi Mink City, Vietnam on March 8 - 26, 2002. If you are interested to know more about the events please contact Jensen Shen, Trade Advisor for Asia/Pacific Phone: (512) 936-0244, Fax: (512) 936-0445, E-Mail: web: www/

Mrs. Karen Parker, USDOC/Austin Export Assistance Center, provided her services to help Texas companies to export. Phone: 512 916 5939, Fax: 512 916 5940, E-mail:

Helena Colyandro, Director of Office of International Business (OIB), presented the Certificate of Appreciation to these speakers.

" Texas CEO in the World" is a series of seminar sponsored by TxED allowing Texas Companies to meet with and hear from Executive Level business and governmental leaders on topics such as How to do business in China, How to finance your export, U.S.-China Relations, WTO issues and International Business. These events are open to all Texas companies.

Most of participants in this seminar were Texas CEOs. Mr. Jensen Shen, Advisor of Asian/Pacific of TxED, host the seminar. Mr. Alex Wang, President of Z & ZZ International, Inc.(, participate the seminar. He is also co-sponsor of this seminar. TxED Even after this seminar, dialogue between the Texas CEOs continues as they learn to be more globally conscience. Texas companies are becoming a team to go Global wise. This seminar also attracted Texas State Senator Frank Madla and future CEOs- MBA students from UT McCombs Graduate School.

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